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Founded in 1930, the Hollywood Reporter is an American publication which focuses on the Hollywood motion picture, television and entertainment industries. Owned by Eldridge Industries, Hollywood Reporter and its sister company Billboard make up the most widely read media outlet in the entertainment industry, Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group.

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The Challenge

Designed for the future.

As a component in the redesign, Stauffer played a pertinent role in revamping the Hollywood Reporter website. Together, we discovered solutions to improve flexibility, increase traffic, create additional engagement and boost user experience. In addition to enhancements which would equip the Hollywood Reporter team with a site prepared for future editorial workflows. 

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The Solution

Leveraging a modern approach.

Coupling the Drupal database and Backbone front-end JavaScript framework, our experienced engineers assisted in the development of a custom design template to leverage modernization with organization. As well as provided solutions to increase traffic and workflows to deliver content effortlessly across platforms (web sites, phone apps, TV apps, developer APIs, etc..) without the need to duplicate content within different back-ends. The result, an immaculately fashioned site which offers users an unparalleled user-facing experience with the latest cutting something-edge pattern for media news.

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"The Stauffer team is a fantastic development resource – whether there is an immediate need for creative solutions to complex problems, or as highly knowledgeable partner that can inform & execute against a long term roadmap."
Nathan McGowan, Vice President of Product at The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard