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Full Website Design & Development
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Connecting Researchers to Women & Men.

Stauffer had the honor of partnering with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation on the Army of Women (AOW) site, which is an innovative new initiative connecting women and men of all ages, ethnicities, and locations with researchers committed to the fight against breast cancer.

Together we can help make a difference!

The Army of Women (AOW) extends membership to anyone over the age of 18, regardless if they are a breast cancer survivor or never affected by the disease. Once a member, you may share studies ineligible to participate in, with friends and family. Furthering research addressing critical questions, and helping to develop a better understanding of breast cancer. 

AOW members may register for Online Studies HERE

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The Challenge

Challenging The Scientific Community.

At Stauffer, we believe that challenges offer a unique opportunity to elevate our best self, push us beyond our comfort zone, and achieve personal optimization.

From the construction of proper workflows that determine participant eligibility for research proposal submissions and a secure environment that assures confidentiality, to a user-friendly dashboard for researchers to track the status of their proposals. One does not simply develop great concepts, they engineer viable solutions for the future.

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The Solution

Join The AOW.

Blood, sweat & tears.
Placing exceptional skill and mastery at the forefront, our team ensured proper measures were administered such as performing extensive testing, in order to combat the defined challenges. From integrating Drupal modules that determine participant eligibility, such as a Drupal workflow module that holds a series of rules and actions which trigger accordingly, with a Drupal webform module that includes "conditional fields" on the web form template. To custom code that safeguards the confidentiality of members, by maintaining the system data saved to a users profile and eligibility to participate in past studies.

Replacing its existing system, which contained confidential records of over 300,000 participants and 2,000 studies, with an updated version. Required a diligent team to safely migrate its data, without losing a single record of previous activity. Additionally, back-end solutions were enforced to determine which elements are displayed to individual users. These solutions include Drupal Views and Customs Code, which grants the Researcher's, Scientific Advisory Committee, and Foundation users access to tabs containing sortable tables of content on the front-end.

Hear it for yourself, see what our clients are saying.
"I had the opportunity to work directly with the team this year as we upgraded our Army of Women® website and database. It was a pleasure working with everyone.. I found the team to be knowledgeable, flexible, and responsive."
– Leah Eshraghi, MPH, Clinical Research Director at Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation