SoCal Code Camp x #DrupalGTD

December 14th, 2017

SoCal Code Camp x #DrupalGTD

SoCal Code Camp 2017

Intro to Drupal 8 Site Building

SoCal Code Camp is a free community-driven software and technology conference, which gives developers the opportunity to learn valuable knowledge and skills through their peers.

This year, Code Camp offered Drupal Track for the first time, which generated tremendous interest and enthusiasm. Individuals from across all generations were in attendance, and it was especially charming to have the younger members join in on the fun. Seeing the spark in their eyes and hearing the excitement in their voices, was the icing on top of a perfect day.


“I was impressed at the variety and depth of the classes. The four-part session on Drupal by Rain Michaels was very solid.”

 – Andrew Taylor (School of Social Work), SoCal Code Camp 2017

RainThe four-part "Introduction to Drupal 8 Site Building" session series began with the configuring of a local development environment, installing Drupal and looking at the Drupal User Interface (UI). Throughout the course of the day, we built custom content (and other entity) types, setup display modes and views, examined relationships between content, and reviewed options for further learning.

“She [Rain Michaels] did a great job of covering the vast expanse of the Drupal 8 ecosystem while providing selected granular details in the allotted 4+ training hours.”
 – Andrew Taylor (School of Social Work), Drupal Global Training Days 2017

Participants were blown-away with the level of control a user has over how content is displayed, and how content can be properly responsive with very little effort, through the site building User Interface (UI). By the end of the four-part session series, attendees had a vast amount of valuable knowledge to build their own Drupal sites and find resources to answer any questions they may have along the way.

For more information on these sessions and to stay up-to-date on news for the next Code Camp, please visit SoCal Code Camp.


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