Stauffer | #DrupalCamp LA '18

August 16th, 2018

Stauffer's Flavor of Agile Project Management

Drupal Camp is a free nonconference-style training camp, which is held annually for the Drupal communities of Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Greater Southern California region.

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Agile Project Management

Presented by Christopher Stauffer
Christopher Stauffer’s “Agile Project Management” informational session covered the unique Agile Methodology followed by the Stauffer team. Stauffer's practical, non-academic approach to Agile Project Management incorporated the following topics:

  1. User Profiles
  2. User Stories, Requirements Gathering & Documentation
  3. Creation of Product Backlog
  4. Sprint Planning
  5. Sprint & Daily Scrum Calls
  6. Deployment
  7. Sprint Review

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Jeremy Sherman
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