Stauffer | #DrupalCamp LA '12

March 22nd, 2013

Stauffer | #DrupalCamp LA '12

We're almost as excited about DrupalCamp LA as we are about our new website! As in years past, Stauffer has signed on to be a platinum level sponsor. We've been using Drupal to build web systems in Southern California for years and this event gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge and get to know others in the Drupal community.

Saturday, you'll be able to see the Stauffer team at the following times:

2:30 PM – Stauffer's CEO, Chris Stauffer will help man the Panel Discussion-Shop Talk in Moss Cove A. 

5:00 PM – Stauffer's Director of Engineering, Jacob Pitassi will discuss Drupal+ Apache Solr in Pacific Ballroom D. 

Sunday, the fun continues:

11:00 AM – Stauffer's CEO, Chris Stauffer will conduct a talk on Practical Agile Project Management in Doheny Beach B.

1:30 PM – Stauffer's Director of Engineering, Jacob Pitassi and Technical Project Manager, Sam Afshar will discuss the The PHP a Themer Should Know in Doheny Beach A.

Author: Stephanie Brooker


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