Agile Project Management

August 1st, 2012

Agile Project Management

Stauffer CEO Chris Stauffer received a warm reception at his DrupalCamp LA talk this weekend on Practile Agile Project Management. Long after the talk was over, people approached us at the Stauffer booth to ask more questions and share their experiences with Agile. Chris covered some of the following Agile components in his talk: Overview of Agile, Discovery, Planning with User Profiles, User stories & requirements, Backlogs & Agile Budgeting, Sprint Backlog, Sprints, Deploying an Iteration, Sprint review. This presentation can be incredibly helpful to the ew or seasoned project manager. We've included Chris's entire presentation below.

Practical Agile - DrupalCamp from Stauffer

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Author: Stephanie Brooker


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